Notices for Members
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Notices for section members

Treasurer needed.

Someone with experience of bookkeeping or accountancy needed to fill the position of our treasurer.

Our Treasurer has announced that she wishes to stand down from next year and we need to appoint a new treasurer from 7th November 2023 to take over in January 2024. Please ask for any details on this important post from either myself Andrew Stevens Chairman or Christina Knight Treasurer.

We need a treasurer from Nov 7 2023 with position starting 1st January 2024.

Please contact or for further details.

Without a treasurer we will 'fold' and not be allowed to continue.

AV Presentation evening

Please note that we raised £139.00 for cancer research at our AV presentation evening. A large thank you to everyone present.


Please, when using the on-line booking, click the drop down and use amended booking if you have previously booked - this alerts the meets team to the fact that this is an amended booking.


Advanced Notice

Where club sites are booked next year by the photographic group payment will be needed earlier than at present. This is due to changes in the rules for group bookings needed by the club. But we can have more bookings where they have space.

Stewarding positions are filled for all meets -
Future offers for next year 2024 would be gratefully received. Please send an email to

Photocamper Summer has arrived. Enter login details, and follow photocamper instructions page. The actual files are on the download p.camper+archive's tab. A low resolution version is also on our Facebook page. High res version are always downloadable from either the website or link to dropbox.

Photos are needed for our gallery - if you have any suitable photos for our gallery, please send them to me. Details on how to do this are below.
WeTransfer is a method to transfer photos. Add the photos to the transfer link and add the email address you wish to send them to ( ). If possible please place a notice on our facebook group that you have sent me photos - this helps alert me to the fact there is a download.
Dropbox is an alternative method and is free to use (no size limit).
Where there is a link you can download items.
Send an email to the webmaster requesting a link to submit photos.
When given a link you can upload photos.

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