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Update program . Security improvements when required.

Update program . Security improvements when required.

• Events Calendar not working at present – requires further investigation.
• Members photo GALLERY sorted and catalogued. (Future) Warehouse photographs and make up collections.
• Add link for club policies. Update PLI insurance CCC-out of date. Update Exempted camping certificate-out of date.
• Blog - possibly change type


• March. Corrected date for Sefton visit on site info pages. Checked online booking form all dates correct. Added page/text for points of interest for sites.
Added points of interest sites. Removal of old years alterations to website, 2022 removed.

• February Machform Form made up for festival and loaded onto RW for persons to fill in. Stewards updated – notice in red type to indicate no stewards at 4 meetings.
• Jan 5. Load injected code from Machform to online bookings page. Alter notices page to reflect that online bookings are now available. Add notice concerning chairman availability. Upload new website pages to host.
• Jan 2. More work on Machform online booking form. Phototalks page altered and online booking form for help constructed and uploaded into system. Alter notices page.
• Dec 26 & 27. Start to design Machform online booking form. Alter notices page. Stewarding table constructed and page altered to reflect stewarding position. List of sites placed on sites-photomeets page.
• Removal of Exhibition photos from gallery. Updates to wording on pages notices, events, photomeets, booking sites-on-line and login Zoom meetings. Contact details for webmaster also placed on notices page at TOP. Notices page updated and old content removed. Separate stewarding page detailed.
• Sept 30 & Oct 1 Zoom details added and program details for Winter through to January 2024
Zoom link added to secure section and details of procedure for forgotten password.
• October 13,15, 16 & 17. Website altered again. Photocamper and dropbox links added.
• September. Exhibition winner’s names added and photos to Photo gallery updated. Page numbering checked. Login section re-instated, previously lost due to changes to text. Should now be working again.
• September. Obituaries removed. Events page updated – last two meets added, Rufforth and Winchcombe. On-line booking form changed to Booking - sites Online form, hopefully to make it clearer.
V 9.2 of Rapidweaver now in use. Grid iron now working. Exhibition winners and photos to be added at weekend / September. Further tidying up and other changes.
• August. Photomeets title changed to Sites – photomeets as one member couldn’t find the sites information. Gallery looked at again, request for photos on Facebook. Cookie notice placed at top of login page – hopefully sorts problem of non-access for some people. Summer hi-res editions of Photocamper added. Dropbox editions added + links. Added print boxes to all places of interest.
Mobile pages hidden – zoom login, regalia, constitution & rules, website changes page, stats, member links. August
• July 2 & 3 Page layout altered again. Locations of photo gallery moved, Festival photo winners photos results added. Extensive alterations to notices page, Obituary for Alasdair Cockett added. article for Ron Norman memorial bench added. Requirement for treasurer added with deadlines. Details for exhibition in August added and booking details within secure area. Stewards notice altered to only required now for Winchcombe. Old places of interest removed. Facebook group wording altered and made clearer. Download page for exhibition entry form added in markdown to make downloading easier. Page will download automatically when clicked on. Instructions made clearer on Photocamper instruction page. Photocamper download page extensively altered and made clearer, markdown used to simplify downloading, all 3 hi res versions directly download from dropbox, the original download for dropbox is retained as well. A low res version is now available to view on the download page and can be saved if needed. Untitled page hidden but ready for use with excel stack when fully setup and available.
• Old ‘Events’ removed.
• May 13, 14 & 15 2023 Photocamper instructions and download page split for ease of downloading.
Page layout altered. Stats collected & working. Notices page altered. Sites report arrived and now placed on website for download. Errata placed for Windermere sites dates on photomeets page(incorrect start date) date correct on booking form. Removed old photomeets data in places of interest.
• April & May 2023. Pages altered and updated. Reports converted and added. Calendar added in readiness for events to be added. New software added for stats on each page as needed ( no cookies are used) Cookie and GDPR notice altered to reflect that stats are recorded but cookies are not used. Remove Devizes photomeet, alter wording for AGM meet. Php altered again on host panel and dropped to lower level to help stacks. Obituary removed from the website.
• April 2023. New notices page. New events page with items added, in readiness for new events calendar. Webmaster link made clearer. Volunteer stewards request made bolder and coloured to highlight attention. Festival of photography page added with competitions. AGM details added to notices page. AGM reports will be available as they are sent in.
• April 2023. Remove all old photos and temp main page on Svalbard. Remove zoom photo advertising page. Remove Hertford details and Royal Gunpowder mills trip and Machform booking form. Remove text of winter zoom lectures and login page/link. Alter zoom login page. Alter zoom 2023 page - remove all content. Reinstate all Pdf's on photomeets. RE-word stewarding offer page. Remove Hertford meet page on photomeets.
• March 2023. Altered zooms Winter program page and dates. Added new page and separated places of interest. New temp main page with photo of Svalbard and Ice flows Added text and removed old
• 14 Jan 2023. Fixed photo gallery not working - finally. Added full details and booking form for Royal Gunpowder Mills trip.
• 7, 8, 9, 10 & 13 Jan 2023. Machform booking form for meets designed, tested, and coded. Machform stewards booking form designed, tested, and coded. Advertising for Hertford trip. Booking form for Gunpowder Mills trip added. Pdf complete, on-line being worked on. Iframe pages removed, and Pdf embed used instead. Pages on booking form added and removed from secure area. Further page changes. Work on photo gallery still unsuccessful.
• Jan 2023. Obituary removed. Bare details of Royal Gunpowder Mills trip added.

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