Photography with the Camping & Cavaravan Club

Below are a list of Pdf's that stewards may find useful. The Dropbox link will take you to the section's dropbox where all the Pdf's for the stewards are hosted. Except for the 2 shown below which can be viewed and downloaded from here in the normal manner.

Diary of national events
Accident/Incident Report – Exempted Camping
All Exemption Certificates –
Expires Dec 2021
rd party insurance requirements
Attendance sheet v3.12
Caravan and Camping Club Photographic Group RSA Insurance Group
Public liability Insurance CCC v1.17
Photographic Group: Steward’s Checklist
List of section DA secretaries
Photographic Group: Meet Risk Assessment
Steward Check list
Steward Training – 5 day meets
The 6 Metre Rule
1.9 Assaults
1.17 (v2) Insurance
1.22 (v3) Retention of Records
1.32 Guidelines for Electrical Safety
2.4 (V3) Taking electronic payments
3.9 (v4) Intervals between Five Day Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites
3.11 (v6) Groups and Meets Bookings on Club Sites
3.12 (v2) Attendance Sheet
3.17 (version 8) Camping Event Entry & Exempted Camping Database
3.18 (version 13) Guidance for Stewards of Meets and Temporary Holiday Sites
3.21 (v2)


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