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CURRENT PROGRAM FOR Winter/Spring 2023/24

Program below (subject to change if the speaker is unavailable)

All talks start at 7.30pm, with the meeting room being open from 7.15pm.

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Monday 16/10/23
An Alternative Camera Manual
Steve Kingswell


Joy of Seeing
Ken Scott

People, Portraits and Photojournalism
Roger Hance


Monday 15/1/24

Underwater 3

David Keep


Monday 19/2/24
Bear Essentials
Paul Hill

Thursday 14/3/24
Creative macro photography
Guy Edwardes

Steve Kingswell

“Alternate Camera Manual”

Steve considers himself an Art Photographer, and says &; "Whether it is fine art is the viewer’s
decision";. Well, we have a chance to find out. Steve regards photography as much more than just a
series of attractive images. We know from other clubs that his talk is well received
His talk will be called; Alternate Camera Manual - Sounds intriguing!
Steve runs street photography workshops & other education services for photographers, mainly in
London, and we can have a discount on these by using the code SPA25OFF until the end of 2023, but
also we might arrange that for 2024 if the PG members are sufficiently interested.To see Steve Kingswell's ARPS submission see his website at .

Ken Scott

“The joy of seeing”

Ken Scott is an acclaimed speaker who delivers professional lectures and photography presentations
to camera clubs and photographic societies, mountaineering and walking clubs, arts groups, colleges
and university arts and photography students, and business conferences.
Ken’s engaging style leaves you feeling part of the experience, mixing fun with practical advice,
philosophical and psychological perspectives. And if nothing else, Ken challenges our conventional
ways of thinking.
Ken Scott is a photographer, adventurer, speaker and coach from West Sussex, England.
Ken is still best known for his mountain landscape and light photography, which covers more than
forty years of walking and climbing in Britain and overseas. Recent mountain adventures include a
crossing of the Pyrenees High Route (HRP) in 2011 and a solo round of the British Coast in 2017.
To see some of Ken Scott's work see his website at

Roger Hance

“People, Portraits and Photojournalism”
In this talk I show a range of 'People Pictures'. The images will cover candid's, photojournalism, as
well as studio and available light portraits. I explain, as well as giving examples, why some subjects
can work in colour, while others can be considerably improved by converting to monochrome. 
I show some of the best places in the UK to go for 'people pictures': Speakers Corner, Brick Lane,
Tate Modern, Blist Hill Victorian Village, The Black Country Museum, The Beamish Museum, 1940's
weekends, Tough Guy event, and the Victory Show. I also cover working in a studio with flash and
show how to take pictures at Live Rock events and explain how to take candid pictures without
people noticing you.

David Keep

“Underwater 3”

David is an outstanding underwater and sports photographer. He has given us talks before, showing
photos like this above. He goes many miles to get stunning photographs, and his latest underwater
photography talk looks like being equally amazing, educational and inspirational for us.

Paul Hill

“Bear Essentials”
 Paul and Julia Hill have lived in Cheshire since 1990.  They are both keen naturalists and have travelled throughout the UK and beyond photographing birds and other wildlife.  Paul is a Principal Ecologist working four days a week for one of the UK's largest consultancies. 
In May 2019, Paul visited Finland, close to the border with Russia, where he spent five days photographing Brown Bears and other wildlife in Taiga.  He has since returned four times.

Guy Edwardes

“Creative macro photography”
I have been a professional landscape, nature and travel photographer for over twenty-five years. My work has been published worldwide with clients that include: Canon, Amateur Photographer, Outdoor Photography, Photo Plus, Dorset Life, Archant Life publications, Telegraph, Guardian, The Reader's Digest, AA Publishing, The Ordnance Survey and many card and calendar publishers around the world. I have published two successful books on photography technique.
Although my main interest is photographing the wildlife and wild places of the British Isles, I also make many overseas trips each year. Wherever I am working I try to capture subjects in new ways, often working on new techniques in order to produce a unique image. Living in South West England I have a variety of beautiful landscapes and interesting habitats right on my doorstep and many of my most successful images have been taken within a few miles of my home.

Roger Hance

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David Keep

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Paul Hill

  •  Black bears in Finland

    Black bears in Finland

Guy Edwards

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